MCI Documentary

Stength for Today

Bright Hope for Tomorrow

In May of 2018, in partnership with Thrive Visuals, we released a full-length documentary titled ‘Strength for Today, Bright Hope for Tomorrow: An MCI Story’. In the documentary, we interview alumni from as recent as 2016, and as far back as 1948, each of the alumni has their own unique story. The film not only tells the stories of these alumni, but it also touches some of the unique challenges we currently face. Our choice to share this story represents the Faith we have in God to be the author of our story, and that vulnerability will only draw our community closer together.

It is because of stories like the ones you’ll see in this documentary that we still have ‘Strength for Today, and Bright Hope for Tomorrow’. We hope to continue in the rich legacy of MCI for years to come.

We rely on our Community to keep us going.

If you want to be a part of the team of people that makes the mission of MCI possible, we encourage you to donate.
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