Are all students at MCI Mennonite or Christian?

No. While many come from Christian Mennonite homes, each year we welcome students from a variety of faith and ethnic backgrounds into our student body. Students represent numerous other Christian denominations (Catholic, Lutheran, United, Pentecostal), other faiths (Jewish, Muslim), and students without a faith tradition of any kind. Many students claim a personal faith, but this is not a requirement for entry or for study at MCI.

When does MCI's school day begin and end?

Classes run from 8:40am until 3:40pm. Each day students attend 6 classes, 55 minutes in length, in addition to a 20-minute daily chapel. On early dismissal days, class times are condensed and the school day concludes at 2:35pm.

Does MCI's Calendar follow local public school holidays?

Yes, as much as possible, Christmas and Spring Break are scheduled to coincide with regional public schools. Our PD days are not always the same as Borderland School Division. All breaks, PD days and early dismissals can be found on our  Calendar.

School generally begins the Thursday after the Labour Day holiday.


What grades of study does MCI offer?

MCI offers courses to students grades 9 – 12.

Do all courses receive credit from Manitoba Education?

Yes, all courses do.


Is Tuition Support Available?

Yes, through the generosity of our donors MCI is able to offer tuition assistance on a by need basis. This support is income tested to ensure both fairness and equity. Contact our Director of Finance for more information.

Are tax receipts available for school fees?

Yes. The portion of the payment that can be reasonably allocated as religious instruction (tuition fees), may be treated as the eligible amount of which an official receipt for tax purposes can be issued. These are issued by February 28th for the previous calendar year.

What methods of payment are accepted?

Payments for additional charges (i.e. uniforms) may be made by cheque, Visa, Mastercard, debit card, or cash. These payment options can be made on tuition or room and board as well, if paid in September.

Are there payment options available?

Yes. We work in partnership with Canadian Education Payment Plan. Payments are calculated over the agreed-upon months, then are withdrawn from your account automatically on the first of the month or can be paid monthly by credit card. We encourage complete payment in September, but are more than willing to make these arrangements on a ‘by need’ basis.’

Does MCI issue charitable receipts for donations?

Yes. Mennonite Collegiate Institute is a registered charity and issues charitable receipts for donations of $10 or more.

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