All articles of uniform must be from McCarthy, and ordered through MCI.

Boys Uniform

Navy Pants, Navy Shorts, Golf Shirts (Navy/White, Short-sleeved/Long-sleeved), Sweaters, Hoodies, Oxford Shirt (Short-sleeved/Long-sleeved)

Girls Uniform

Kilt (Plaid or Navy), Navy Pants, Navy Capris, Golf Shirts (White or Navy, Short-sleeved or Long-sleeved), Sweaters, Hoodies, Oxford Shirt (Short-sleeved or Long-sleeved)

The purpose of MCI’s uniform is to encourage neat appearance and create a deeper sense of equity within our student body. Our hope is that uniforms will encourage unity, and help each student feel a sense of belonging.

Given the long tradition of school uniforms at MCI, most students find that wearing the uniforms gives them a sense of pride in belonging to that rich history. 

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