Dormitory Program

Home Away From Home

While living in dorm, students learn to: Respect others, discover how to manage conflict, build life-long friendships, and practice independent living skills in a structured environment. Students living in dorm are responsible for their community and are taught to take ownership of the place where they live.

Dormitory life at MCI is an experience students treasure for a lifetime. For the 2023-2024 school year, our dormitory deans are Luke Voth and Crystal Reimer.

Supportive Environment

Boarding life is structured and supervised, while allowing students to have good amount of independence. Students are encouraged to interact with the dormitory staff and participate in the activities they organize.

Continued Learning

We believe that learning continues long-after class is over, and we strive to provide fun, engaging activities that build character and creativity.

Safety First

Safety of our students is a top priority of the Boarding program.  MCI’s dormitory facilities are monitored and staffed 24/7 by a team with first-aid and mental health training.

Dormitory Staff

Our deans work hard to ensure that every student has a positive and meaningful experience in the dorms. Deans are responsible for monitoring student behaviour and ensuring student safety. They provide leadership in facilitating a positive dormitory experience for each student, social, personal, and spiritual guidance for students, and 24-hour supervision.

The Deans work closely with the Director of Student Life as well as student leaders to give direction in the Dormitory. Deans communicate with parents and staff about the wellbeing, and participation of students in the school community outside of school hours.

Dormitory Rooms

Rooms in both the male and female wing are grouped together into modules with 4-6 rooms surrounding a lounge area. Students share a bathroom with the room next door. Each room has 2 beds and a desk area for students to study.

Two students in each room is the norm, unless there are special circumstances that we need to consider. We always want to consider what is best for our students and help them to have a positive experience during their time in the dorms. You never know, your new roommate may become a life-long friend!

Student Leaders

Student Dorm Leaders are appointed through an application and interview process by dormitory staff. They provide leadership in his or her mod (a mod is a group of rooms with a common area). Leadership includes planning special events and outings for the mod, helping maintain orderly life in the dorm, and facilitating community-building within the dorm.

Evening Programming

In an effort to develop community, different activities are offered throughout the month in an attempt to foster a sense of belonging in the dormitory. These activities include worship nights, physical group games, and bible studies. These activities are optional; however, participation is strongly encouraged.

Cleaning Duties

Just like at home, students are responsible for keeping their rooms tidy. Shared bathrooms are expected to remain clean. Students are divided into work groups and take turns cleaning shared dormitory areas. Kitchen duty is scheduled on a rotating basis.


All meals are prepared and served in our spacious cafeteria by our kitchen staff. Nutritious home-made meals are served every day. Special medical dietary requirements are accommodated as much as possible. Evening snack is provided every night.


On average, the dormitory is closed on 10+ weekends per year, which are indicated on this list of closed Dorm weekends and School Calendar of Events. On closed Dorm weekends, students are expected to go home or stay at their host family home. Students are encouraged to go home regularly to maintain close relationships with friends, family, and their home church. When possible, MCI can help arrange transportation to Winnipeg at a cost.

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