Performing Arts Program

MCI’s renowned Fine Arts Program allows students to explore their musical and artistic gifts in a setting unlike any other. We aim to foster and develop each student’s God-given inclination towards creativity and their capacity for aesthetic response. From our school-wide choir to classes on dance, visual arts, concert band, theatre tech, and Worship Band, our students have many chances to discover and develop their artistic gifts in the classroom. 

Our Fine Arts programs accommodate all levels, from beginners to experienced artists and musicians. Students at MCI are provided with a safe space to learn, grow, build confidence in their abilities, develop leadership skills, and help them become independent musicians and artists.

Our state-of-the-art performance facility, Buhler Hall, gives students

the chance to work on the same stage as professional artists. When combined with the school’s acclaimed fine arts staff, this creates an environment in which students are able to reach their full potential as artists. Rehearsal spaces in our dormitory allows MCI to provide a number of opportunities for students to take private music lessons on campus in voice, violin, and piano.


MCI choirs sing a wide repertoire of music ranging from classical to contemporary as well as world music, jazz and pop.


MCI performance groups have a long tradition of excellence – in recent years student talents have been showcased in our dance class. 

Buhler Hall

Our choirs are an impressive sight to see on stage at Buhler Hall, rivalled only by the power of their sound that fills the audience with glorious music.

Concert Choir

Our all-school choir, Concert Choir, provides all students at MCI the opportunity to sing in a choir that rehearses regularly throughout the year and that performs at a high level of musicianship. The Concert Choir has four main performances that include: The Fall Concert in November, the Christmas Concert in December, the Red River Valley Festival of the Arts in April, and our year-end concert, Saengerfest (which means “songfest”), in June. Visit the calendar for exact dates on these fantastic events.

Chamber Choir

Our auditioned choir for students grades 10-12, Chamber Choir, develops vocal and communication skills while building up a sense of courage and community within the group. The Chamber Choir has a busy schedule throughout the year, performing at numerous church services, festivals, school concerts and banquets.

Sr. Vocal Ensemble


Resonate, MCI’s Vocal Jazz Ensemble was created in the late 1980’s. Today, Resonate is an auditioned ensemble made up of Grade 11 and 12 students. Its name has significant meaning, as Resonate is defined as “vibrations from one vibrating object to another.”  This metaphor captures the group’s purpose: To have fun making music at a high level and to share this music with others so that the vibe that lives within Resonate can also live in their audience.

Jr. Vocal Ensemble


Illuminate was created as a development ensemble for students wishing to improve their solo and group singing abilities. It is made up of students in Grades 9 and 10 who perform a variety of repertoire on microphones. The word “Illuminate” was carefully selected as the name of this ensemble to signify the ways in which we illuminate God’s presence through our music-making.

Worship Band

Students in Worship Band experience a unique, one-on-one learning opportunity from one of our acclaimed music teachers. Through this course, students are equipped with the skills they need to lead music in their home churches, at camp, university, or wherever their lives take them.

Concert Band

Students will study a variety of styles of music, from Classical to Jazz. The Concert Band performs at various concerts and festivals throughout the year, including our school concerts and the Brandon Jazz Festival. It is recommended, but not compulsory, that students have at least one year of previous concert band experience or private lessons.


Dance is a form of artistic expression that fosters physical, creative, intellectual, social and emotional growth. We view dance as a language for storytelling, and in the context of safe community, students build a vocabulary of movement that develops strength, balance and flexibility, as well as encourages physical and emotional expression.

Theatre Tech

Students learn the inner workings of MCI’s state of the art 460-seat theatre, Buhler Hall. Course curriculum will include theatre lighting design, sound engineering, stage management, and show equipment set up. Students accumulate practical experience both in class and out of running musical performances, coffee houses, dramas, banquets, and other tech support related tasks. These skills allow students to serve their local churches supporting Sunday worship, weddings, and other events.

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