School Absentees

To keep us updated on attendance-related matters, please contact the school

email [email protected] or call (204)327-5891

If your child will be missing school, please let MCI know in one of the following ways:

Day Students

  • Please email [email protected] OR call 204.327.5891 (if before 8:00am, leave a message) to let us know if your student will not be in school that day.
  • If your student is not reported as excused by a parent or guardian, they will be reported as ABSENT and the process of phoning your home and work to make sure the student is safe will begin.

Dorm Students

  • All dorm students are to come to breakfast check-in, those ill in the morning need to also check-in and talk to the supervising staff member.
  • Text messages, emails or other students reporting on behalf of the student will not be accepted. Dorm students must report in-person.
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