Van Routes

MCI provides local transportation each year. Routes are re-arranged as enrollment shifts.

Currently, a van picks up students to and from Morden/Winkler each day picking up and dropping off students along the way.


Van Route Schedule

Morning Pick-Ups

Morning pick-ups times are scheduled so that students arrive at MCI at approx. 8:25 am (15 min. before classes begin).

  • Please call the school for pick-up times

Evening Departure

  • Daily:                     3:45 pm
  • School Socials:    8:00 pm (*dependant on COVID-19 pandemic)
  • Early closing:       2:45 pm
  • Other:                   (will be communicated with participating families)

Van Contacts

Van Drivers: Dave & Betty Driedger

Phone: 204-312-7951

Alternate Arrangements

  • If students will not be on the van, it is their responsibility to inform the van drivers. Please text Dave & Betty if you will not be on the van route.
  • Students living in the Dormitory may make arrangements to ride on the van at the beginning/end of the week if there is room. This must be negotiated with the van drivers in advance.
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