Cottonwood Community Drama

CCD is bringing back The Beverly Hillbillies! A play that Cottonwood performed in 2015. This show will be considered a tribute to our local community theatre. 

Difficult decisions from the last 2 years have left us wondering what to do next. We began in 2019 preparing a drama called, The Tin Woman. A drama with some comedic moments but not as funny as what we think we need right now. We have shelved this performance and have offered roles to the cast in the Hillbillies as a token of appreciation. 

However, there are many roles that we are still looking for. Please consider coming out to try for a part. And if you have someone who you think would enjoy being on stage, twist their arm, or at least, send me their contact info!

We will also be looking for backstage support (set building, painting, makeup, hair, promotional). So if you know of any one interested in being involved behind the scenes, Also get them to contact us.

Audition dates and place:

June 9 and 10, 7:30-10:00 pm. 

June 9th – Audition will happen in the library – enter through the doors nearest the library (east)

June 10th – Audition will be in Buhler Hall – enter through the Buhler Hall entrance (west).

Look forward to seeing y’all there!

Bruce Penner (Co-Director) [email protected]

Mary Costen (Artistic Director) [email protected]

Charles Klippenstein (Set Design / Technical) [email protected]

CCD Contacts

Charles Klippenstein 
[email protected]

Bruce Penner
[email protected]

TICKET info 
Coming soon 

In 2007, MCI Alumni came up with an idea of a drama that would include community, alumni and present students. It came to fruition with help from former MCI teacher Rudy Krahn, who sat in the director’s seats for many years. The name, Cottonwood, was derived from the amazing trees that surround MCI. Their roots are deep and strong and their branches continually reaching out.

The first Cottonwood Community Drama production took place in 2008 with a drama called Love Is A Raincoat. This fun drama was created and directed by MCI Alum, Ellie Reimer. This was the beginning of a fantastic journey binding the community with the school in a unique way.

Community member and MCI Parent, Charles Klippenstein, now acts as Director of CCD. Year after year the Cottonwood group has produced a drama at the end of November, with shows ranging from the comedic to the more dramatic. There have been new actors joining every year and many actors who come back year after year. Join us!