Snow Days

Winter weather conditions present many challenges. MCI will respond differently depending on the specific conditions. In all cases, the safety of students and staff is the highest priority. Our situation is different from other schools in that a significant percentage of students live on campus. Two potential situations require different responses:

Wind Chill Days

Bus service will be canceled if the wind chill factor is in excess of –45° C. When the wind chill factor is between –40° C and –45° C, existing road and local weather conditions will be considered. 

On wind chill days, although bus service may be canceled, schools are considered to be open.  Dorm students are expected to attend classes as usual. Drive-in students are not expected to attend unless they have the permission of their parents.

Storm Days

Storm days occur when weather conditions, warnings, or reports of impending weather conditions create visibility and/or road conditions that make travel unsafe or impossible.  On storm days, the school is considered closed. No classes will be held.

School Closure Procedures

The decision to cancel classes or bus will be made by the Leadership Team shortly after 6:30 am. (In general, MCI will follow the lead of Border Land School Division.)

School closure information can be found in the following places: 

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