Teamwork. Sportsmanship. Excellence.

At MCI, we believe that the value of sport extends well beyond that which can be captured on a score sheet.


We see athletics as a venue for developing people of character. From teamwork to sportsmanship to self-control, we recognize a wide range of qualities that students can gain from their involvement in MCI’s athletics program. We offer age appropriate physical development in addition to promoting opportunities to strengthen self-confidence, discipline, determination, perseverance, endurance and courage. Fair play is stressed along with integrity, honor, and compassion in competition. Student athletes represent the school and their families to those around, so expectations of them are quite high. In addition to them playing with purpose on the court or in the field, they are also expected to excel in the classroom. Within the athletic department at Mennonite Collegiate Institute, we believe athletic programs should be played for a purpose greater than winning. While we certainly can and do win on the fields and courts, we always want our student athletes to remember the purpose of competition is to use the gifts given to them by God for His Greater Glory. MCI competes in the Manitoba High School Athletic Association‘s Zone 4, which means all of its league competition takes place in southern Manitoba. MCI teams also take part in a variety of tournaments which occur around the province. We encourage parents and friends to come out and cheer for our many athletes. Go, Blues!

MCI sports impacted my life in a big way on and off the court. On the court, my coaches gave me an opportunity to develop my skill and sportsmanship. Off the court, I developed friendships with the same coaches and teammates that will last a lifetime.

Caleb Rempel - Grad 2017

The athletics program at MCI taught me about companionship. And that the score is not all that matters. It’s that you play with your whole heart.

Brianna Hildebrand - Grad 2016

The staff and coaches not only helped me to develop technical skill but also created a space for spiritual and relational growth to take place. In all aspects of school life, it felt like we were one big team.

Kieran Ens - Grad 2012

Director of Athletics

Kevin Giesbrecht is a driven and focused coach, passionate about building athletes, spiritually and skillfully. Kevin has been a lifelong athlete, dedicating himself to coaching and mentoring athletes since Jr. High. He studied at University of Manitoba for both BA and BEd degrees, graduating in 2013.

Kevin oversees the entire Athletics Department, and personally coaches golf, cross country, soccer, curling, badminton, baseball, and track & field teams.


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