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1:4 staff to student ratio

Jesus Centred

Faith Formation

Global Perspective

Diverse Community

Caring Community

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At MCI our goal is not simply to teach high school curriculum. Our programs are designed to inspire students to excel, to reach and to lead.

Our Mission

Our purpose is to educate young people in an Anabaptist Christian context, seeking to develop their God-given potential in terms of physical, intellectual, aesthetic, emotional, social and spiritual well-being; and to develop in them an appreciation of our Mennonite heritage

What Sets Us Apart?

It’s classrooms and hallways where students don’t get lost in the shuffle. It’s a group of teachers and staff who care about you as an individual. It’s a student body where friendships develop across grades and last long after graduation. It’s an environment where students are encouraged to grow into their God-given gifts. 

“This is a special place. This doesn’t just happen anywhere”
– Colleen Dyck ~ MCI Parent

Anabaptist Perspective

Faith is the centre of all we do at MCI. Life’s big questions looked at through an Anabaptist lens in all aspects of student life, including Bible and Mennonite Studies classes.

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Dormitory Program

While in dorm, students; learn to respect others, discover how to manage conflict, build life-long friendships, and practice independent living skills in a structured environment.

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Athletics Program

At MCI, we believe that the value of sport extends well beyond that which can be captured on a score sheet. We see athletics as a venue for developing people of character.

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Performing Arts Program

Students have the opportunity to develop their gifts in our award-winning facility, Buhler Hall, through choir, dance, vocal jazz and MCI’s annual Musical Theatre Production.

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Virtual Campus Tour

We are excited to (virtually) welcome you to our halls! This video will take you to every corner of our campus. 

Why MCI?
Faith Formation
Alumni Connection

Choosing a high school is a difficult decision for anyone to make. Between academics and extra-curricular programming, there are a lot of factors to consider. People come to MCI for many different reasons. Some come to experience the tight-knit community. Others come to take part in our excellent music program. Still, others come to explore their faith in an intentionally Christian environment. Whatever their reasons for coming, students at MCI often discover something they never want to leave. This “something” is the MCI difference. It’s classrooms and hallways where students don’t get lost in the shuffle. It’s a place where you don’t have to worry about how you dress. It’s a group of teachers and staff that care about you as an individual. It’s a student body where friendships develop across grades and last long after graduation. It’s an environment where matters of religion and faith aren’t silenced, but embraced, wrestled with, and addressed head-on. 

We strive to provide an environment where our students can encounter Jesus Christ on a daily basis. We’re grateful for the freedom we have to explore and strengthen our faith through all aspects of daily life. 

MCI students come from around the world and from many different walks of life. This diversity creates a student body that is rich with opportunities to learn. We work to create a safe and controlled environment in which students can learn from one another and grow in their faith. We aim to work in close partnership with their local churches as we guide them in a journey of following Jesus. 

As a comprehensive, holistic school, MCI helps students with diverse abilities and interests become all they can be both in and out of the classroom. Service is an important part of how we express our faith and our identity as an Anabaptist school. MCI students participate in a variety of large group and individual volunteering activities. 

In addition to provincial curriculum requirements, we offer options like Theatre Tech and Digital Photography. Our students are expected to participate in Bible classes each year as well as a Mennonite Studies course in Grade 12. MCI students rank higher than average in English and Mathematics provincial testing, with a large percentage of graduates pursuing post-secondary education. 

If you ask any MCI alumni what stands out about their time as a Stookie, they’ll likely mention the foundation of MCI life: Community. MCI offers its students a community where friendships are built across grades and last long after graduation. 

Alumni are an important part of MCI’s landscape. For every new student that walks into our doors, new alumni walk out into the world with all the connectedness that comes with being a Stookie; They go on to graduate from universities and colleges. They go on to create lives that reflect the diversity and creativity of MCI in their work, in their studies, and in their families. They achieve greatness in fields from art, to teaching, to political science. They carry with them the mission of MCI, a calling to be disciples who express Christian hope by serving others, promoting peace, and providing Christ-like leadership within the church community and the world.

Support the Mission of MCI

We rely on the generosity of our donors to provide financial aid for existing and future students, sustain the beauty and capital needs of our campus and provide scholarship support for deserving students. We invite you to share in our vision of education for young people in spirit, mind and body. Your support will help to carry this tradition forward for current and future students.

Upcoming Events

May 6th – Spring Fundraiser with Comedian, Matt Falk, 7:30pm

June 4th – Saengerfest – Morning Worship @ 10:30 am Concert @ 2pm. Lunch by donation

June 25th – Graduation at Altona Bergthaler Church, 2:30 PM. Join us in person or by livestream on our YouTube channel.

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